Netball Care and Maintenance

Inflating your Comet Netball

To get the best out of your Comet Netball, it is vital that is inflated to the correct pressure. We recommend a maximum pressure of 10psi.
Lower than this can result in the netball being too soft, and poor performance. Over inflation will compromise the stitching of your netball and damage it beyond repair.

To achieve the right pressure without risk of damage, it is best to use a hand pump or stirrup pump. Compressors can quickly over inflate a netball and therefor are not the best choice, however they can be used with caution.

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Netball storage

We want you to get the most out of our netballs. After the match, it’s essential to take good care of your Comet Netball. Here are some tips:

Proper storage: Store your netball in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Sun exposure can cause the colours to fade and lead to deterioration over time.

Avoid Heat: Never leave your netball in high-temperature environments, such as the boot of a car. Heat can cause overinflation and permanent damage.

Moisture Prevention: Keep the netball away from damp areas when not in use. Moisture buildup inside the ball can add weight and affect its performance. It is also a good idea to dry off your netball after using in wet weather.